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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the base currency?

The base currency is the first/top currency shown. To change it, tap the swap button. This will swap the base and converted currencies. 

How do I change the converted currency?

The converted currency is the second currency shown. Tapping one of your favorites will set it as the new converted currency. 

How do I change my favorites?

Tap the plus button in the favorites section. If you have purchased premium you will see a list of currencies. Tapping any currency will place it in the first slot of your favorites. The favorite that was in the last slot will be removed to make room for your new selection. 

How often is the conversion rates updated?

Premium users receive daily rate updates. 

Free version users receive weekly rate updates.

*Internet connection required to update rates. If no internet connection, previously saved rates are used. If traveling without cellular data, we recommend opening the app while you have internet connection to receive the most recent rates before leaving for the day.

How accurate are the conversion rates?

Our rates are sourced directly from the European Commission's databases. The rates are reliable and up to date. Currency rates change frequently (by the second), but typically not drastically. The weekly/daily (premium users) rate updates should be used as estimates only due to the frequently changing nature of currency exchange rates.

I previously purchased premium, but now have a new iPhone (or erased phone, deleted and downloaded app again, etc). How do I restore my previous in-app purchase?

Click on the plus + symbol in the favorites section. This will open a screen describing the premium features. Click the "Restore Purchase" button at the button of the screen. Sign in with the same Apple ID account used previously to purchase.

How do I download the app?

The app is available exclusively for iPhone in the Apple App Store.

I still have questions?

Email me! I'm happy to answer further questions if needed. 


Have more questions? Want to connect with our awesome designers and developers? Drop us an email!

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